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YBF appoints seasoned COO, Niels Maartens following major CBD acquisition

Following YBF’s acquisition of a new 3,100 square-metre CBD-based space, the company announces its appointment of chief operating officer, Niels Maartens

Niels Maartens has spent upwards of 15 years at some of the most successful businesses in the world, in both Australia and overseas. He has held executive-level roles at GE, Wesfarmers and Coles––where he built the financial services proposition, and is the former CFO of Nimble, one of Australia’s largest fintechs. Maartens specialises in technology transformation, market expansion and business turnaround.

Growth, Expansion and Competitive Innovation

YBF’s newly appointed CEO Farley Blackman says, “Following our recent acquisition, and our fivefold increase in Melbourne’s CBD, we are now in a position to grow more broadly – in Victoria, across Australia and around the world. Bringing someone with Niels’s experience on board will facilitate our expansion plans and further our agenda of keeping Australia innovatively competitive”.

Farley goes on to say, “We feel incredibly lucky that someone with Niels’s enviable skillset and experiences has agreed to be a part of YBF’s vision. It’s a testament to our brand, our community of startups and scaleups, our corporate partners and the investors who entrust us to put them in front of the brands of the future.”

Taking hold of the ‘operating reigns’ at YBF

Incoming COO Niels Maartens will be taking responsibility for operating YBF’s physical innovation hubs as well as managing manging YBF’s numerous corporate partnerships.

Niels says, “I am delighted to be joining YBF. I’ve been casually involved with the brand for quite some time and share its vision of building and sustaining a strong upstart community dedicated to technology and innovation. YBF is vital to enabling Australia to remain competitive in tech.”

Niels is pictured on Level 4 of YBF’s new Melbourne  headquarters at 520 Bourke Street. The acquisition increases YBF’s CBD footprint by more than five times and further solidifies its place as Australia’s number one platform for open innovation. Since 2011, YBF has been hub for trailblazing technology startups, scaleups, corporates and investors to come together in, to drive Australia’s technology industry forward on a global scale.


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